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Inspiring Stories
Short, Inspiring Stories About Life and Love

Short, inspiring storiese

Inspiring Story #1 : The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget

Inspiring Story #2 : Best Dad in the World

Inspiring Story #3 : Amazing Near-Death Experience

Inspiring Story #4 : Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover

Inspiring Story #5 : Simple Keys to a Fuller Life

Inspiring Story #6 : I'm Sorry, I Love You

Inspiring Story #7 : What Really Matters in Life

Inspiring Story #8 : A Boy's Last Wish

The list above gives links to our best short, inspiring stories about life and love. The longer list below gives headlines and links to the best short, inspiring stories and educational articles sent to our email list over the years.

In this second list, three asterisks *** are placed in front of the best inspiring stories. The list is divided into two sections: Short, Inspiring Stories About Life and Love and Educational Articles. Skip to the section of educational articles. The section with short, inspiring stories is directly below. You may also subscribe to our free email list (one email every two weeks).

We express deep gratitude to all who have sent in both inspiring stories about life and love and educational articles to share with us. The email list and this heart-warming collection of stories are managed by website founder Fred Burks. You can post your own inspiring stories using our online readers forum. May each of us find ever more ways to love, encourage, and inspire each other and all around us to be the very best we can be every day of our lives.

Short Inspiring Stories About Life and Love

***Profound Video on Finding Your Gift, Best Video Yet on COVID - 1/14/22

Inspiring News: Hit Song Saves Lives, Evicted Mother Gifted a House, More - 1/7/22

***Inspiring Humor for the New Year: How to Install Love on the Human Computer - 1/1/22

Inspiring News: Boy's Last Wish Feeds Homeless, Maine First 'Right to Food' State - 12/24/21

***The Gold Wrapping Paper: A Short, Inspiring Christmas Story - 12/17/21

The Monk in the Lab - Reported in the New York Times – 12/3/21

Critical For Crazy Times: Your Life Purpose and Intentions - 11/26/21

Inspiring News: Global Corporate Minimum Tax, Drinking Water From Air, More - 11/19/21

***Possibly the Most Profound Video Clip Ever: Challenge Day - 11/12/21

Inspiring News: Time Millionaires, Electrifying an African Village, Wishing Trees - 11/5/21

In These Intensely Polarized Times You Can Choose to Be a Victim or a Creator - 10/29/21

Inspiring News: Record Growth in Solar, Homecoming Queen's Amazing Gift, More - 10/22/21

Reincarnation and Past Lives: Scientific Studies Raise Important Questions – 10/15/21

Inspiring News: Talking Plants, $70,000 for All Employees, China Malaria Free, More - 10/8/21

A Profound Fable of Planetary Transformation – 10/1/21

Inspiring News: Happy Alaskan Whales, Medical Debts Cleared, More - 9/24/21

***A Spiritual Conspiracy - 9/17/21

Profound Poem on War and Compassion - 9/3/21

Inspiring News: Repair Cafes, Renewables Crush Fossil Fuels, Songs Made by Trees - 8/27/21

State Department Investigation Against Me Brings Big Surprise - 8/20/21

Inspiring News: Free Calls for Inmates, Walmart Employees Get Free College Tuition - 8/13/21

Astounding BBC Documentary on Life After Death Experiences - 8/6/21

Inspiring News: Gaining by Sharing in Cohousing, Four Day Work Week Works, More - 7/30/21

Three Profound Principles of Transformation - 7/23/21

Inspiring News: Free Food Fridges, Miraculous Kidney Exchange, Cheapest EV, More - 7/16/21

Poetic Words on the Beauty of Both Duality and Oneness - 7/9/21

Inspiring News: Coming Era of Free and Clean Energy, Record Charity Donations in 2020 - 7/2/21

***What Color is Your Skin? A Most Profound Podcast. - 6/25/21

***Finding My Father: An Inspirational Story of Profound Healing - 6/18/21

New Yorker Article on Very Real UFO, ET Presence - 6/11/21

***Transform Fear Through Profound Core Belief Work - 6/4/21

Inspiring News: Foods for Mental Health, New Battery Charges 60X Faster, More - 5/28/21

Inspiring True Stories to Balance the Craziness in Our World - 5/19/21

Inspiring News: Finland Happiest Country Again, Cities Choose Life-Affirming Economies - 5/14/21

PEERS: Providing Inspiration and Education for the Transformation of our World - 5/7/21

Inspiring News: Economy of Care, City Eradicates Homelessness, More - 4/30/21

An Expression of My Gratitude: Simple Keys to a Fuller Life - 4/23/21

Inspiring News: NDEs Make Life Worth Living, Communicating With Plants, More - 4/16/21

***Awesome Videos: Great Collection of Best Video Clips - 4/9/21

Inspiring News: Hero Dad Dick Hoyt Dies, Landmine Rescue Team, More - 4/2/21

***Deep Insider Tells of Creation, Subjugation, Transformation of Planet Earth - 3/26/21

Inspiring News: Largest Food Forest in US, 70-year-old Albatross Hatches Chick - 3/19/21

The Iceman: Mind-boggling Video Shows We Are All Superhumans! - 03/12/21

Inspiring News: Investing For the Good, Fostering 600 Kids, Ozone Hole Healing - 3/5/21

The Secret of Soul Whispering - 2/26/21

Inspiring News: Humpback Whales Big Comeback, First Ever Nuclear Weapons Treaty - 2/19/21

Spread the Love on Valentine's Day and Beyond - 2/12/21

The Veil Between the Worlds - 2/5/21

Inspiring News: Social Life of Forests, Colors of the World, More - 1/29/21

Inspiring News: Help Those Who Really Need It, Degree Program For Incarcerated - 1/15/21

Great Humor for the New Year: The Difference Between Men and Woman - 1/8/21

A Grandfather's Profound Wisdom – 1/1/21

***The Christmas Truce - A Short, Highly Inspirational Story and Song about Christmas - 12/24/15

***Prisoners’ Frozen Hearts Cracked Open in Miraculous Ways That Transform Prisons - 12/18/20

Inspiring News: Dolphins Save Girl's Life, Decoding NDEs, Religions Come Together - 12/11/20

Taming the Untamable - 12/4/20

Inspiring News: Brazilian City Ends Hunger, Prison Inmates Bond With Cats, More - 11/27/20

She Had to Die in Order to Live - 11/20/20

Inspiring News: US Imprisonment Rate Drops, Making Guitars Cures Addiction, More - 11/13/20

Shining Example of Good Sportsmanship: Tragedy and Hope in a Championship Game - 11/6/20

Inspiring News: Solar Now Cheapest Electricity, Exciting 'Biophilic' Designs, More - 10/30/20

Inspiring News: Pandemic Bike Boom, COVID Restaurant Workers Become Owners - 10/16/20

***A Most Profound Near-Death Experience: Mellon-Thomas Benedict's Inspiring Story - 10/9/20

Inspiring News: Teens' Acts of Service for COVID-19, Yale's Free Online Courses - 10/2/20

Inspiring Poems About Life: Hidden Mystery, Awakening, Embracing All, More - 9/25/15

Inspiring News: Happiness Museum, Study – Generosity Leads to Longer Life, More - 9/18/20

Inspiring News: Superheroes With Disabilities, Step Inside the Circle, More - 9/4/20

A Radical Experiment With Trump - 8/28/20

Inspiring News: Clean Water from Sunlight, Alternative Internet, Miracle Wheelchair Gift - 8/21/20

100th Anniversary of Women's Right to Vote and the Intense Struggle That Led to It - 8/14/20

Inspiring News: Black Musician Unravels Hate, One Million Smokers Quit, More - 8/7/20

Conspiracy Myth - 7/31/20

Inspiring News: Team Lioness, Library Lends Out People, Secret Life of Plants, More - 7/24/20

Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong - 7/17/20

Inspiring News: Vatican Calls For Divestment, Altruism Arising From Pandemic, More - 7/10/20

***Amazing True Stories of Life After Death - 7/3/20

Inspiring News: Muslim and Jew Pray Together, Black and White Inspire Together, More - 6/26/20

Big Changes for PEERS Founder and a Call for Help - 6/14/20

A Must Read For White Subscribers and Supporters - 6/12/20

Don't Despair! So Many Reasons for Hope Through the Internet and the Innernet - 6/5/20

Inspiring News: Bridging the Food Access Gap, Humpbacks' Big Comeback, More - 5/29/20

Time to Shine Your Light in This World of Fear and Distress - 5/22/20

Inspiring Coronavirus News: Gangs' Change of Heart, Paying It Forward in Crisis, More - 5/15/20

***Making Lemonade from Lemons. Covid-19: The Deeper Story - 5/1/20

***It's Time to Awaken: A Profound Invitation - 4/24/20

Coronavirus: Good News and Vital Statistics Raise Profound Questions - 4/17/20

Learning From the Coronavirus - 4/10/20

****The Coronation: What the Coronavirus Means for the Future of Civilization - 4/3/20

***You Were Made For This - 3/27/20

Inspiring News Stories: Human-Centered Technology, Veterinarian Treats Homeless' Pets - 3/20/20

***Profoundly Inspiring Talk by Apple Computer Founder Steve Jobs: Find What You Love - 3/13/20

Inspiring Stories in News: Blue Whale Comeback, Secret Millionaire's Amazing Gift, More - 3/6/20

Many Miracles Lead Website Founder Fred Burks to Become a White House Interpreter - 2/28/20

Inspiring Stories in News: City That Defeated Homelessness, Trauma-informed Care - 2/21/20

Valentine's Day Wish: Sacred Love Flowing - 2/14/20

Who Am I? - 2/7/20

Inspiring Stories in News: Cancer Deaths Record Drop, Peaceful Protests Succeed - 1/24/20

***Transformative Near-Death Experiences Put Life in a Much Greater Perspective - 1/17/20

Inspiring Stories in News: Best News of 2019, Ozone Hole at All-time Low, More - 1/10/20

Exciting Shift to a New Paradigm Brings Profound Changes - 1/3/20

Inspiring Stories in News: Giving Machines Support Good Causes, Free Public Transit - 12/27/19

Is Santa Claus Real? - 12/20/19

***Mind-Blowing Crop Circle Answers Carl Sagan's Letter to the Universe - 12/13/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Agrihoods, New Treatment Kills Cancer, Big Decline in Violence - 12/6/19

***Inspiring Stories of Failure Turned to Fame Remind Us to Never Give Up - 11/29/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Dog Learns to Talk, New Zealand's Kindness Principle, More - 11/22/19

Transform Your Most Intimate Moments With Sacred Sexuality - 11/15/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Video Games for Peace, Green Funerals, Eco-Tourism, More - 11/8/19

We Should Never Have Survived! - 11/1/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Youth Crime's Historic Drop, Public Banks Legalized, More - 10/25/19

What Happens When We Die? Major Media Raise Questions on Past Lives, NDEs - 10/18/19

Inspiring Stories in News: UCLA's Kindness Institute, UC Drops Fossil Fuel Investments - 10/11/19

***From Psychopath to Healer: A Profound Story of Miraculous Transformation - 10/4/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Homes for Troubled Teens, Grocery 'Happy Hour,' More - 9/27/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Optimism Increases Longevity, Plants Talk to Us, More - 9/13/19

Nonviolent Communication: Simple, Powerful Technique to Transform Your Relationships - 9/6/19

Exciting Exploration of the Unlimited Potential Within Every One of Us - 8/23/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Big Drop in Both Teen Crime and Female Genital Mutilation - 8/16/19

***Anita's Inspirational Near Death Story Filled with Miracles and Deep Wisdom - 8/9/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Flowers Hear Bees, Women Who Brought Us to the Moon, More - 8/2/19

***A White House Insider's Journey Down The Rabbit Hole and Back to Magnificence - 7/26/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Homeless Boy Chess Champion, Invention Turns Plants to Fuel - 7/19/19

Exciting Breakthroughs in Studies of Psychedelics Reported in Major Media Articles - 7/12/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Renewable Energy Now Cheapest, Beatings Substance Abuse - 7/5/19

***Mexican Fisherman Meets Harvard MBA: Rich Reminder of What Really Matters in Life - 6/28/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Purpose Linked to Longevity, 100 Years of Women's Suffrage - 6/21/19

Healing the Father Wound: A Profound, Inspirational Story of Transformation - 6/14/19

Inspiring Stories in News: New Zealand's Well-Being Budget, Simple Homeless Idea Works - 6/7/19

Transcending Tribal Mentality: Great Essay on Breaking Free of Old Ways of Thinking - 5/31/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Dogs Sniff Out Malaria, Tech Brings Enemies Together, More - 5/24/19

***This Online Film Could Dramatically Improve Your Health and Your Life - 5/17/19

The Forgotten Origins of Mother's Day - 5/10/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Norway's Most Humane Prison, Finland's Key to Happiness - 5/3/19

Fun, Short Video Spoofs With a Great Message on Health and Your Diet - 4/26/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Mindfulness Enters Curriculums, 1/3 of Energy Now Renewable - 4/19/19

***Most Profound, Inspiring Essay Depicts Mega-Perspective of Shifts on Planet Earth - 4/12/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Big Decline in Heart Attacks, Huge Oil and Gas Divestment, More - 4/5/19

***Astonishing Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife in Riveting Documentary - 3/29/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Nobel Laureate Frees Thousands of Child Slaves, More - 3/22/19

What is Reality? Quantum Mechanics Upsets Science's View of Reality - 3/15/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Kindness Prescribed for Doctors, Healthy Food as Medicine - 3/8/19

'Why I'm an Eternal Optimist' By PEERS founder Fred Burks - 3/1/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Cancer Death Rate's Big Decline, 'Impossible' Success Stories - 2/22/19

Valentine's Day Essay: The Transformational Power of Sexual Desire - 2/14/19

A Grandfather's Profound Wisdom – 1/1/21

The External Reflects the Internal: Two Short, Inspiring Essays - 1/18/19

Inspiring Stories in News: Global Middle Class Growing, Suicide Declining Worldwide - 1/11/19

***Are You Afraid of the Dark? Inspiring Explorations of Transforming Darkness Into Light - 1/4/19

For the Man Who Hated Christmas: Inspirational Christmas Story - 12/21/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Future is Looking Bright, From Crippled Child to Gold Medalist - 12/14/18

***Break the Addiction to Blame: Transformational Essay on Healing Relationships - 12/7/18

Inspiring Stories in News: $1 Billion Conservation Donation, Women Win in US Elections - 11/30/18

Amazing Elders Blow the Lid Off of What's Possible - 11/23/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Political Rivals Unite, Compassion in Synagogue Shooting - 11/16/18

Who Created God? - 11/9/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Pursuing Passions Lowers Stress, Organics Cuts Cancer Risk - 11/2/18

Inspiring Stories of Disabled People in the News - 10/26/18

Inspiring Stories in News: 'Comfort Cases' for Foster Kids, 50 Years of Activism, More - 10/19/18

Most Inspirational and Transformational Materials Recommended by PEERS Founder - 10/12/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Machine Rids Ocean's Plastic, Ford's First Female Engineer - 10/5/18

Two Potent Short Stories Show How We Can Use Our Money to Change This Crazy World - 9/28/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Life After Hate, Finland's Amazing Schools, More - 9/21/18

***From Paralyzed to World Record Mile: A True Story of the Power of Determination - 9/14/18

Liberate Your Imagination: You Are the Messiah! - 8/31/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Clean Energy from Trash, Moon Space Station, NDE Science - 8/24/18

***Transcending Polarization and Duality - 8/17/18

Inspiring Stories in News: 'Grandkids' for Hire, Saving Lives with Mitochondria, More - 8/10/18

Aikido Suprise: An Inspirational Story of the Unexpected - 8/3/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Comfort Teddy Bears, Start-ups Dedicated to Social Good - 7/27/18

***A Profound Peek Into What Happens After Death: Journey of Souls - 7/20/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Drive to Zero Homelessness, Charitable Giving Sets Record - 7/13/18

Simple Keys to a Fuller Life - 7/6/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Changing Focus to Good News, World's Oldest Yoga Teacher - 6/29/18

"For the first time in my life I know exactly what I want from life." - 6/22/18

Inspiring Stories in News: A Lesson in Kindness, New Energy Breakthroughs, More - 6/15/18

***Academic Mayor Transforms Major City - A Highly Inspirational Story - 6/8/18

Inspiring Stories in News: Finding Meaning in Life, The Mystery of Life After Death, More - 6/1/18

Inspiring, Short Poems Call Us to Our Greatness - 5/25/18

Inspiring Stories in News: More Recess = Better Students, Free College for All, More - 5/18/18

Happy Mother's Day! Don't Miss These Inspirational Mother's Day Videos - 5/11/18

Inspiring Stories in News: U.S. Gov't Studies ESP, Autism Breakthrough, More - 5/4/18

***Profoundly Moving Short, Inspiring Story: The Last Cab Ride - 4/27/18

Inspiring Stories: Free Housing Solves Homelessness, Fresh Water From Solar Panels - 4/20/18

Transformation Begins Here: Supporting the Highest Motive in All Life - 4/13/18

Inspiring Stories: Norway's Humane Prisons, Quadruple Amputee Climbs Kilimanjaro, More - 4/6/18

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy of Peace and Hope on the 50th Anniversary of His Death - 3/30/18

Inspiring Stories: Study - Holding Hands Eases Pain, Sweden's Trash Shortage, More - 3/23/18

Inspiring Story: From Paranoia to Enlightenment - 3/16/18

Inspiring Stories: World’s Greenest Cities, Company Transforms Gang Members, More - 3/9/18

***Best Short, Inspiring Video Clips on the Internet - 3/2/18

Inspiring Stories: Orcas Imitate Human Words, Evidence of Plant Consciousness, More - 2/23/18

Twelve Rules of Spiritual Wisdom - 2/16/18

Inspiring Stories: Happiness is Hot in Colleges, Free Cash For Everyone?, More - 2/8/18

Why I'm Withholding My Taxes That Support War This Year - 2/2/18

Inspiring Stories: NYC Fewest Murders in 60 Years, Quebec's Basic Income, More - 1/26/18

Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History - 1/19/18

Inspiring Stories: And the Blind Shall See, World's Greenest Cruise Ship, More - 1/12/18

It's Never Too Late - 1/5/18

Four Short Christmas Stories to Touch and Inspire - 12/22/12

The Mightiest Nation and the Perils of Empire - 12/15/17

Inspiring Stories: New York's Tuition-Free College, Blind Artist Paints by Touch, More - 12/7/17

***Science and Spirituality Meet in the Holographic Universe - 12/1/17

Inspiring Stories: Ozone Hole Shrinks Greatly, China's Pollution Crack Down, More - 11/24/17

***Remote Viewing: What if Our Minds Are Much More Capable Than You Thought? - 11/17/17

Inspiring Stories: Gross National Happiness, Magical Wheelchairs for Kids, More - 11/10/17

***Major Transformation is Possible. Don't Miss This! - 11/3/17

Inspiring Stories: Israeli, Palestinian Women March for Peace, Fun Prosthetic Arms - 10/27/17

One Woman's Profound Journey to Forgiveness After Intense Abuse - 10/20/17

Inspiring Stories: Man Who Saved the World, Denmark Schools Teach Empathy, More - 10/13/17

***Sexuality and Spirituality: Healing the Sexual-Spiritual Split - 10/6/13

Inspiring Stories: Idaho Town Ousts Hate Group, Why Finland Has Best Schools, More - 9/29/17

***Help End Poverty Without Spending a Penny – 9/21/17

Inspiring Stories: Breakthrough Probiotic for Newborn Health, Malala Going to Oxford - 9/8/17

Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Inspiring Story of Transformation - 8/31/17

Inspiring Stories: Psychic Brings News Anchor to Tears, Mayor Poses as Homeless Man - 8/25/17

***Riveting UFO Footage, Top Military Witnesses on Free Sci-Fi Channel Documentary - 8/18/17

Inspiring Stories in News: 'Sixth Sense' Research, NASA Astronauts' UFO Stories, More - 8/11/17

Insider Scoop: Former White House Interpreter Reveals Inside Stories of Secret Meetings - 8/4/17

Inspiring Stories in News: UN Vote To Ban Nuclear Arms, Study on NDEs: Life After Death - 7/28/17

Magical Moment With a Manta Ray - 7/21/17

Inspiring Stories in News: Montreal's Homeless Beekeepers, Busting Africa Stereotypes - 7/14/17

The World is Our Mirror - 7/7/17

Inspiring News Stories: Religious Leaders on Interfaith Friendship, 'Seductive' Veggies - 6/30/17

Inspirational Poem: Hidden Mystery – 6/23/17

Inspiring Stories in the News: Truckers Stop Human Trafficking, Veterans Protect Rhinos - 6/16/17

***Inspirational Story: A Boy's Last Wish Leads to Creation of Make-A-Wish Foundation - 6/9/17

Inspiring News Stories: Man Cures Blindness of 100,000, James Bond of Philanthropy - 6/2/17

***HeartMath: A Change of Heart Changes Everything - 5/26/17

Inspiring News Stories: Kids Reforesting the Planet, Prison Inmates Train Puppies, More - 5/19/17

A Profound Fable of Planetary Transformation – 5/5/17

Inspiring News Stories: New York Approves Free College Tuition, Turning Plastic Into Fuel - 4/28/17

Expand Beyond the Craziness and Take PEERS to the Next Level: The Insight Course - 4/21/17

Inspiring News Stories: Microloans Reduce Inequality, Courageous Truckers Save Lives - 4/14/17

***Why We're Not Screwed: 10 Reasons for Hope and Optimism in These Crazy Times - 4/7/17

Inspiring Stories in News: Anti-Aging Power of Kindness, Newest Muppet is Autistic Girl - 3/31/17

A Profound Shift of Paradigms is Under Way - 3/24/17

Inspiring Stories in News: Elders Do the Impossible, Sweden's Revolutionary Recycling - 3/17/17

Is Your Brain Optimized For Fluid Intelligence? - 3/10/17

Inspiring Stories in News: 'Indivisible' Movement Gains Traction, Hate Groups Deflated - 3/3/17

Simple Steps to Miraculous Healing: I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You - 2/24/17

Inspiring Stories in News: Bailing Out Strangers, Jews Give Muslims Keys to Synagogue - 2/17/17

Share a Moment of Love on Valentine's Day - 2/12/17

***A Spiritual Conspiracy: A Profoundly Inspirational Story - 2/3/17

Inspiring Stories in News: Vet Homelessness Down 50%, Ozone Layer is Healing, More - 1/27/17

Inspiring Stories in News: Crime Rate Record Lows, Solar Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels - 1/13/17

Critical For Crazy Times: Your Life Purpose and Intentions - 1/6/17

Inspiring Stories in News: One Black Man Vs. KKK, Amazing 9 Year Old Helps Homeless - 12/30/16

***The Gold Wrapping Paper: A Short, Inspirational Christmas Story – 12/22/16

Inspiring Stories: Holocaust Survivor on Happiness, Shooting Victim Forgives Attacker - 12/16/16

Inspiring Stories in News: How to Stay Young, Motorcycle Club Stops Racism, More - 12/2/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Maine's Clean Elections, 105-Year-Old Woman Loves Yoga - 11/18/16

In These Wild and Crazy Times You Can Choose to Be a Victim or a Creator - 11/11/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Israeli, Palestinian Women March for Peace, Catholics Divest - 11/4/16

***Finding Hope in the Midst of Despair in These Wild and Crazy Times - 10/28/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Tree Intelligence, UFOs on Political Agenda, More - 10/21/16

Women Jailed, Beaten, Tortured Advocating For Right to Vote Less Than 100 Years Ago - 10/7/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Dolphins Talk Like Humans, Utah Solves Homeless Problem - 9/30/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Mayor Gives Jobs to Homeless, Kids Learn Farming in Pickup - 9/16/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Nun Competes in Triathlons at 87, Hope for Alzheimer's, More - 9/2/16

State Department Investigation Against Me Brings Big Surprise - 8/26/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Armed Robber Disarmed by Warmth, Flash Mob Brings Tears - 8/19/16

***You Can Help Create a Compelling New Paradigm - 8/12/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Young Genius Saves the World? Youth Program Slashes Crime - 8/5/16

Breaking the Trance: Trump, Clinton, and the New Paradigm - 7/29/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Bikers Against Child Abuse, Major Diseases in Decline, More - 7/22/16

***Inspirational Story of Damanhur and the Astonishing Temples of Humankind - 7/15/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Professional Cuddler, Legless Vet Teaches Yoga, More - 7/8/16

Astounding BBC Documentary on Life After Death Experiences - 7/1/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Comfort Dogs Soothe Orlando, Art Transforms Violence, More - 6/24/16

***Best Dad in the World: Incredible Father's Day Story and Video - 6/17/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Sweden's 6-Hour Work Day Test, App to End Hunger, More - 6/10/16

Sage Advice For Turbulent Times - 6/3/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Solar Unites Jews & Muslims, 1-Minute Exercise Brings Health - 5/27/16

***Transform Fear Through Profound Core Belief Work - 5/20/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Doctor to the Homeless, Hero Garbage Man, More - 5/13/16

***Compelling Essay on Love and Gratitude Profoundly Transformed My Life – 5/6/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Top Clinton Advisor on UFOs, Veteran Horse Whisperers, More - 4/29/16

Inspiring Stories in News: 250 Pound Marathon Girl, Healing Powers of Vitamins C and D - 4/15/16

Inspiring True Stories to Balance the Craziness in Our World - 4/8/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Gangster Helps Troubled Youth, Chocolate As Brain Food, More - 4/1/16

Poetic Words on the Beauty of Both Duality and Oneness - 3/24/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Bhutan's Secret to Happiness, Messy Learning Brings Genius - 3/18/16

***A Most Profound Near-Death Experience: Mellon-Thomas Benedict's Inspiring Story - 3/11/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Teaching Kindness, French Law Stops Food Waste, More - 3/4/16

An Inspiring Gift of Gratitude: Simple Keys to a Fuller Life - 2/26/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Prisoners Rescue Dogs, Dignity Village for Homeless, More - 2/19/16

Valentine's Day Inspiration: May Sacred Love Flow Between Us - 2/12/16

***Amazing Videos: Great Collection of Best Video Clips - 2/5/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Animal Communicator Tames Leopard, Bhutan Goes Organic - 1/29/16

PEERS: The Heart Expanding Nonprofit Behind the Web of Love - 1/22/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Indigenous Rights Victories, Hero Rescues Stranger, More - 1/15/16

Celebrating 10 Years of PEERS, 24 Million Visits, and More - 1/12/16

Great Humor for the New Year: The Difference Between Men and Woman - 1/8/16

Inspiring Stories in News: Film on Human Unity, Sweden First Fossil-Fuel-Free Nation - 12/26/15

Inspiring Stories in News: 'Gift Economy' Brings Hope, Incredible Blind Painter, More - 12/11/15

The Veil Between the Worlds - 12/4/15

Inspiring Stories in News: One Man Transforms Neighborhood, First Solar Airport - 11/27/15

Inspiring Quotes For a Better Life - 11/20/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Science Helps Us Find the Good, Obama Helps Ex-cons, More - 11/13/15

The Iceman: Mind-boggling Video Shows We Are All Superhumans - 11/6/15

Inspiring Stories in News: City Eliminates Homelessness, Free Money Day, More - 10/30/15

Inspirational Stories: Amazing True Stories of Life After Death - 10/23/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Teleportation Reality, Extreme Poverty Halved in 20 Years - 10/16/15

***A video message from website founder Fred Burks - 10/13/15

Don't Despair! So Many Reasons for Hope Through the Internet and Innernet - 10/9/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Barron Prize For Kids to Make a Difference, Concierge Medicine - 10/2/15

Inspiring Poems About Life: Hidden Mystery, Awakening, Embracing All, More - 9/25/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Surfing Dog Rescues Kids, the Most Generous Bride, More - 9/18/15

The Inspiring SHMILY Story: Nurturing Love to the End - 9/4/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Talking to Dolphins, Astronaut Says ETs Prevented War, More - 8/28/15

Profoundly Inspiring Talk by Apple Computer Founder Steve Jobs: Find What You Love - 8/21/15

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Exciting Shift to a New Paradigm Brings Profound Changes - 8/7/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Muslims & Jews Rebuild Churches, 36 Questions Lead to Love - 7/31/15

***Mind-Blowing Crop Circle Answers Carl Sagan's Letter to the Universe - 7/24/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Chronic Homelessness Solved, Urban Farming Inspirations - 7/17/15

Website Founder Fred Burks' Inspiring Story of Coming to Interpret for U.S. Presidents - 7/10/15

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Do You Really Know Who You Are? - 6/19/15

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***Inspirational Stories of Failure Turned to Fame Remind Us to Never Give Up - 6/5/15

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Transform Your Most Intimate Moments With Sacred Sexuality - 5/22/15

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Three Profound Principles of Transformation - 4/24/15

Inspiring Stories in News: An App for the Homeless, Gratitude Beats Materialism, More - 4/17/15

***Inspiring Near-Death Experience Stories Put Life in a Much Greater Perspective - 4/10/15

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Inspiring Stories in News: Vermont Powers Green Movement, Pay It Forward Pizza, More - 3/20/15

State of the Universe: Where Humor and Reality Collide - 3/13/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Addictions Cut With Community Involvement, India's Revolution - 3/6/15

Profoundly Moving Video on Sexual Healing and Paradigm Shifting Article - 2/27/15

Inspiring News Stories: Vatican's Free Haircuts to Homeless, Rapper's Change of Heart - 2/20/15

***Nonviolent Communication: Simple, Powerful Technique to Transform Relationships - 2/13/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Challenging Science's Truths, Star Chef Feeds Hungry, More - 2/6/15

UFOs and ETs on Planet Earth? Speculation Based on Reliable Information Gives Hope - 1/30/15

What Happens When We Die? Inspiring Major Media Articles on Past Lives, NDEs - 1/23/15

Inspiring Stories in News: NASA's Impossible Space Engine, Free University Education - 1/17/15

Inspiring Stories in News: Mindfulness Heals, Love Trumps Physics, Transforming DNA - 1/9/15

***Mexican Fisherman Meets Harvard MBA: Rich Reminder of What Really Matters in Life - 1/2/15

The Energy Sector: A Bright Light in Troubled Times - 12/26/14

On Santa's Team: Inspirational Christmas Story - 12/19/14

Inspiring Stories in News: Violent Crime Lowest in Decades, Energy Abundance, More - 11/28/14

Awesome, Short Video Spoofs With a Great Message on Health and Your Diet - 11/21/14

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Awesome Health Practices for a Longer, Better Life - 11/6/14

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Transcending the Tribe: Inspirational Essay on Breaking Free of Old Patterns - 10/24/14

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***Astonishing Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife in Riveting Documentary - 10/10/14

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What is Reality? Quantum Mechanics Upsets Science's View of Reality - 9/26/14

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Break the Addiction to Blame: Transformational Essay on Healing Relationships - 8/22/14

Inspiring Stories in the News: Past Life Research, Solar Cheaper Than Coal, More - 8/15/14

Inspiring Stories in the News: Vitamin D Doubles Cancer Survival Rate, Laughing Heals - 7/18/14

Uncensored: Obama's Religious Beliefs - 7/11/14

Inspiring Stories in the News: Open Source Revolution, Urban Gardeners Thriving, More - 7/4/14

Inspiring Stories in the News: Dolphins Rescue Suicidal Girl, Solar Powered Roadways - 6/20/14

***Finding My Father: An Inspirational Story of Profound Healing - 6/13/14

Inspiring Stories in the News: World's Most Inspiring President, Foster Kids Wish Granted - 5/29/14

Inspiring Stories in the News: 'Wild Obsession' Helping Homeless, Elephant Plays Piano - 5/16/14

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Giving Birth Leads to Death and Rebirth: A Profoundly Inspiring Near-Death Story - 8/2/13

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***Don't Judge a Book by its Cover: A Beautiful and Inspirational Story – 3/15/13

Brand New Readers Forum Invites You to Share in the Love and Inspiration - 3/8/13

You Can Help End Poverty Without Donating a Penny Through Microcredit Investing - 3/1/13

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***2012: The Best Year Ever - 1/4/13

Breathing Into the Interconnectedness of Life and All Things - 12/21/12

Former White House Interpreter Tells Intriguing and Inspiring Stories of Secret Meetings - 11/30/12

Inspirational Story: Magical Moment With a Manta Ray - 11/16/12

***Stunning Evidence: Compelling Media Reports on Kids Who Remember Past Lives – 9/21/12

A Glorious Fable of Planetary Transformation – 8/24/12

***HeartMath - A Change of Heart Changes Everything - 7/27/12

Is Your Brain Optimized For Fluid Intelligence? - 7/13/12

Victim or Creator: Which Do You Choose? Inspiring Essay to Take Control of Your Life - 6/29/12

***The Amazingly Inspirational Story of Team Hoyt: Dick and Rick Hoyt - 6/15/12

Why We're Not Screwed: 10 Reasons for Hope, Optimism in These Wild and Crazy Times - 6/8/12

Happy Mother's Day! Two Short, Inspirational Videos Celebrating Mom - 5/13/12

A Profound Shift of Paradigms is Under Way - 5/11/12

***Inspirational Story: The Homeless Vet Who Wouldn't Shoot - 4/20/12

Simple Steps to Miraculous Healing: I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You - 4/6/12

Inspiring Story: Opening to Heart Connection While Under Investigation by State Dept. - 3/23/12

A Game Changing Video Goes Wildly Viral: Kony 2012 - 3/9/12

***Possibly the Most Profound Four-Minute Video Clip Ever: Challenge Day - 2/24/12

Ready to Transform Your Life and Our World? Now is the Time. Here are the Tools. - 2/10/12

Start the New Year Powerfully by Getting Clear on Your Life Purpose and Intentions - 1/6/12

You Were Made For This: Inspirational Story by Clarissa Pinkola Estes - 11/25/11

***Occupy the World! Yes, We Are Creating a New Paradigm - 11/11/11

11-11-11: An Inspirational Invitation to Join in Spreading Love and Transformation - 11/4/11

***Inspirational BBC Documentary on Near-Death Experience Stories is Life Changing - 9/23/11

9/11 Ten Years On: An Optimistic Perspective - 9/9/11

Romance in the Air: A Short, Steamy Romance Story With a Meaningful Twist - 8/26/11

Short, Inspirational Stories About Life and Death - 8/5/11

Powerful Guidance for Living in Integrity in These Wild and Critical Times - 7/22/11

***Inspiring News: FBI Reports Show Dramatic Drop in Violent Crime Rates - 6/10/11

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Documentary: Alternative Cancer Treatments Cure Thousands Doctors Sent Home to Die - 5/13/11

Are You Ready to Transform Your Life? - 4/15/11

Two Short, Inspirational Stories to Bring Joy and Delight to Your Day - 3/4/11

Transform Fear Through Powerful Core Issue Work - 2/17/11

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Sacred Sexuality: Intriguing Thoughts, Essays on Conflicting Values Around Sexuality - 7/1/10

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From Hierarchy to Equality: A Paradigm Shift With Profound Personal, Global Implications - 6/3/10

Amazing Mothers: Two Short, Inspirational Videos to Share With Mothers Everywhere - 5/7/10

Spiritual Eyes: Inspiring Story on Seeing Beneath Physical Reality - 3/11/10

Great Ways to Spread Inspiration and Transformation - 12/10/09

Who Am I? Profound, Inspirational Essay on One of Life's Deepest Questions - 12/3/09

It's Never Too Late: Powerfully Inspiring Story Reminds Us to Never Give Up - 8/13/09

***A Spiritual Conspiracy: Profound, Inspirational Story - 7/30/09

PEERS Free Online Courses Inspire Profound Transformation - 7/16/09

***Three Profound Principles for Life Transformation - 6/9/09

Finding Peace With Yale: An Inspirational Story of Healing Wounds of the Past - 5/28/09

Susan Boyle: An extraordinary ordinary woman with an incredibly Inspirational video - 4/17/09

Changed Diet in 7-Year Study Shows Dramatically Improved Behavior in Children - 2/24/09

Valentine's Day Reflections: Every Person in the World Has a Heart - 2/12/09

A Palestinian and an Israeli Find Peace Together: Inspiring Story of What's Possible - 2/3/09

An Inspiring Invitation to Be the Change That You Want To See - 1/19/09

We Need Your Support - 12/16/08

Recommendations on Several Profound, Inspiring Books - 12/9/08

Barack Obama's Spiritual Beliefs: A Revealing Media Interview - 11/25/08

Compilation of Most Inspirational News Articles in the Mainstream Media - 11/11/08

Inspirational Story: A New York Subway Victim Treats His Mugger Right - 10/28/08

***Transcending Polarization and Duality - 10/07/08

Inspirational Story: Failed Young Man Transforms Into Success - 9/23/08

Harry Potter Author Inspires Us to Work for the Greater Good - 8/25/08

Inspirational Story: Magical Moment With a Manta Ray - 7/28/08

Promising Cancer Treatments Reported in Major Media - 7/14/08

***Healing the Sexual-Spiritual Split - 6/30/08

***World's Best Dad: Stunning Video and Inspirational Story - 6/14/08

Inspirational Poems That Touch and Inspire Us to Be All That We Can Be - 6/1/08

Whales and Dolphins: Media Articles Show Both Inspiration and Danger - 5/18/08

PEERS: Inspiring Love and Transformation Around the World - 5/11/08

Fun BBC Article on Fear: We Should Never Have Survived - 4/28/08

A Profound Paradigm Shift for Humanity - 4/14/08

Spread the Web of Love on Valentine's Day – 2/14/08

A Little Boy's Inspiring Story Marks the Beginning of the Make-A-Wish Foundation – 1/1/08

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Join Us in Transforming Our Lives and World – 12/04/07

Fluid Intelligence and Transparency: On the Importance of Having an Open Mind - 10/22/07

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Fire the Grid: Special Invitation Arises Out of an Inspiring Near-Death Experience - 7/11/07

Inspiring Ideas on Creating a New Paradigm For Our World - 7/7/07

***Inspiring Ideas to Improve the Quality of Your Life - 6/4/07

PEERS: Help Us Take This Inspiration and Transformation to the Next Level - 5/12/07

Find Your Life Purpose and Intentions to Lead a Fuller, Richer Life - 5/2/07

Transforming the Face of Business: The New Social Entrepreneurs - 4/16/07

Transform Your Life and Our World: Three Simple Yet Powerful Principles - 4/1/07

***Amazing Energy Breakthroughs Reported in Major Media! (links provided) - 3/15/07

An Invitation to Spread Love on Valentine's Day: Every Person in the World Has a Heart - 2/13/07

Inspiring Quotes, Audio/Video Clips of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Martin Luther King, Jr. - 1/14/07

***The Christmas Truce - A Short, Highly Inspirational Story and Song about Christmas - 12/15/06

Inspiring Global Transformation: An Exciting Website Report - 12/10/06

Excerpts of 12 Highly Inspirational Stories Reported in Major Media Articles - 12/03/06

Empowering Ideas for Dealing With Core Fears and Life Challenges - 11/19/06

***Deeply Inspirational Story of Near-Death Awakening Gives Inspiring Mega-Perspective - 11/6/06

Harrowing Brush With Death in the Wilderness Brings Renewed Appreciation for Life - 10/7/06

Making a Difference: The Nonviolent Peaceforce and One Man's Inspiring Story - 9/22/06

***Breaking Through With Dad: An Inspirational Story of Transformation - 8/28/06

One Man Makes a Huge Difference In Ending Poverty For Millions - 8/15/06

Four Simple, Inspiring Keys Guide You Towards Your Infinite Potential - 7/15/06

"Our Deepest Fear" and "The Invitation" - Two Powerfully Inspiring Writings - 6/16/06

Inspirational Story: Transformation Spreading to Oil Industry, Military, and Beyond - 4/21/06

Regaining My Humanity - A Career Soldier Chooses Jail for Reasons of Conscience - 3/22/06

***The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget: Short, Inspirational Story - 3/9/06

***Shifting Paradigms: From Hierarchy to Hope, Inner Wisdom, and Integration - 1/13/06

What Really Matters in Life? Harvard MBA Meets Village Fisherman - 12/30/05

You Can Help Break the Cycle of Poverty Easily with Microcredit - 10/23/05

Choose Peace & The Invitation - Two Inspirational short writings - 10/9/05

***A Dad Who Truly Cares - A short, deeply inspiring story - 9/17/05

Inspirational Stories by Apple Computer Founder Steve Jobs at Stanford Graduation - 8/28/05

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***HeartMath Improves Lives of Top Industry Managers With a Change of Heart - 7/20/05

The Power of Determination: From Hopelessly Crippled to the Hall of Fame - 7/2/05

Two Short, Inspirational Poems on the Power Within - 6/14/05

It's Never Too Late: Inspirational Story on Creating the Life We Envision - 5/28/05

The Hidden Jewel: Short, Inspirational Story Revealing Our Divine Essence - 5/12/05

Tsunami Follow-up: Inspirational Story of Healing and Rebuilding - 4/26/05

Website Founder Fred Burks Shares Stories of Interpreting for Bush, Clinton, more - 4/18/05

Power of the Mind as Healer Shown By Pioneering Scientist - 4/10/05

Joint Expedition of Israelis and Palestinians Reach Antarctic Peak Together - 3/26/05

Website Statistics, an Invitation, and a Very Special Treat - 3/12/05

Wall Street Journal Features Website Founder Fred Burks on front page - 2/26/05

Every Person in the World Has a Heart - Happy Valentine's Day! - 2/11/05

Paul's Unstoppable Will Turns Wasteland into Forest - 2/5/05

Speaking Truth Makes Website Founder Fred Burks Celebrity for a Week in Indonesia – 1/29/05

Fighting for Life in the Tsunami: Paul's Inspirational Story – 1/15/05

Deeply Inspirational Story from a Big-hearted Disaster Worker in Thailand – 1/7/05

On Santa's Team - The Gift of Giving – 12/23/04

***Something For Stevie - Revealing the Beauty of Human Nature – 12/11/04

A Palestinian and a Jew Find Peace Together – 11/13/04

***You Are Here to Help Us Through the Storm - A Highly Inspirational Story – 10/18/04

Healing Ourselves – 7/23/04

***A Little Boy's Last Wish - A Highly Inspirational Story - 7/8/04

Don't Hold Back on Love - A Deeply Moving Reminder – 5/26/04

57 Cents Moves Mountains – 4/23/04

***Kevin and God: A Simple Mind Has Great Faith – 2/23/04

Charlotte's Inspirational Story from WWII: Facing Her Greatest Fears with Love – 11/26/03

Transforming Our Relationship with Money – 11/21/03

***Fred Burks with Unexpected Surprises While Interpreting for the President – 10/26/03

Join Fred Again in Flooding Our World Leaders with Best Wishes – 10/15/03

Wonderful Responses to Loving the President – 9/30/03

Yes to the Transformative Power of Love!!! – 9/24/03

Join Founder Fred Burks in Sending Love to the President – 9/21/03

On Duality and Judgment – 7/13/03

Educational Articles

While the above inspiring stories support and nourish the soul, an important part of unconditional love is the willingness to look at the darker aspects of ourselves and the world. By working towards acceptance and understanding of these shadow sides, we open to deep, positive transformation of these difficult places in our lives and world.

The verifiable information presented below reveals some major cover-ups. Some articles may at first disturb you. They may even change the way you look at the world. Yet we invite you to see this as a meaningful opportunity for spiritual growth and transformation through love.

Through uniting in our intention to recognize and connect with the place in every heart that wants only to love and be loved, even in the face of great darkness, we can help all around us to experience more of the love that we all want to share. That said, we invite you to take in only as much of this information as you feel is best for you.

And for a sister website which explores these cover-ups, places them in a greater spiritual context, and interweaves them with many inspiring and transformational movements taking place on the planet, see the free, engaging Insight Course at Thanks for caring.

***20 Major Media Articles Prove 9/11 Official Story is Full of Holes - 9/10/21

Vitally Important Video on the War Agenda, Health, and Democracy - 1/22/21

Important Considerations Before Taking a Coronavirus Vaccine - 12/29/20

The Pros and Cons of the QAnon Movement - 10/23/20

***Brilliant Article Ties Together All Threads on 9/11: Follow the Money - 9/11/20

Why I have questioned the response to the coronavirus from the beginning - 5/8/20

Coronavirus: How Dangerous is it? Hint: Don't Trust the Media - 1/31/20

Intriguing Speculation on UFOs and the Big Picture on Planet Earth - 9/20/19

Leading Journalists Expose Major Corruption in Mass Media - 8/30/19

New PEERS Website Features Most Astounding News Articles - 4/5/19

***New York Times Says Air Force, CIA Covered Up Reality of UFOs - 1/25/19

Top Censored News Stories of 2018 by Project Censored - 12/28/18

PBS Documentary Gives Virtual Proof NSA Could Have Stopped 9/11, But Didn't - 9/9/18

Top Censored Press Stories of 2017 by Project Censored - 12/29/17

***Must Watch Video on Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.: Critical New Information – 5/12/17

***A Provocative Perspective on Trump's Presidency - 1/20/17

Top Censored News Stories of 2016 - 12/9/16

***9/11: PBS, Top Officials Poke Holes in 9/11 Official Story - 9/9/16

The Magician's Veil: Six Grand Illusions That Obscure the Deeper Truths in Life - 4/22/16

Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2015 - 1/1/16

***9/11 Timeline From Major Media Raises Eyebrows With Astonishing Facts - 9/11/15

Top 25 Suppressed News Stories of 2014 - 12/12/14

9/11: 20 Major Media Articles Prove the 9/11 Official Story is Full of Holes - 9/7/14

Amazing Disney Television Documentary Claims UFOs Are Real - 8/1/14

Top 25 Suppressed News Stories of 2013 - 12/27/13

***JFK Assassination 50th Anniversay: Incisive Essay Inspires Hope - 10/18/13

9/11 Facts Timeline: Key Media Articles Show Major Flaws in 9/11 Official Story - 9/8/13

Project Censored: Top 2012 Media Censorship Stories - 1/11/13

'How to Rig an Election': Harper's Magazine Exposes Major Elections Corruption - 11/2/12

Elections Guide: Save Time By Finding Endorsements of Organizations You Like - 10/19/12

***9/11: 3,000 Prominent Individuals Question 9/11 Official Story - 9/7/12

War on Terror Manipulations: Two Powerful Documentaries and My Own Experience - 5/25/12

Top Censored Press Stories of 2011 by Project Censored - 12/30/11

Brilliant Examination in Scholarly Journal of Psychosocial Reasons Behind 9/11 and Wars - 8/19/11

Astronauts, Admirals, CIA Chief Reveal UFO Cover-up and Inspiring Implications - 7/8/11

Japan's Nuclear Disaster: Part of a Sad History of Human Experimentation - 3/19/11

***Top Censored Media Stories of 2010 Including Top Underreported Inspiring Stories - 12/30/10

9/11: Eye-opening Major Media Articles Raise Serious Questions - 9/9/10

Amazing Disney Television Documentary Claims UFOs Are Real - 8/12/10

***Top News Stories Censored by Media in 2009 - 1/1/10

Swine Flu Cases: CBS News Reveals CDC Numbers Greatly Exaggerated - 11/5/09

9/11 Questions: Top Government, Military Officials Question the 9/11 Official Story - 9/10/09

Health Insurance Executive Resigns, Reveals Plans to Stop Health Care Reform - 7/2/09

Swine Flu: CDC Recommends Tamiflu, Researchers Have Many Questions - 4/30/09

***Top Censored News Stories of 2008 - 1/6/09

Elections Guide: How to Save Time Deciding by Quickly Finding Endorsements - 10/29/08

Elections Irregularities Reported in Major Media Raise Serious Questions - 10/14/08

9/11 News Articles in the Major Media Raise Serious Questions - 9/9/08

***The Real Reasons for War: Major Media Speak Out - 2/28/08

Top Censored News Stories of 2007 as Judged by Respected University Researchers - 1/17/08

Major Media Articles Reveal Questions About Assassination of Kennedys, King, More - 11/25/07

Key Media Articles Reveal Risks of Genetically Modified Foods - 10/8/07

Key, Verifiable Information on 9/11 to Help Build a Better World - 9/9/07

The Best Website For Exploring What's Going on Behind the Scenes - 8/17/07

Powerful Information on the Causes of War - 7/22/07

***100 Esteemed Professors and Theologians Question the 9/11 Commission Report - 6/18/07

12 of the Most Revealing Major Media Articles Ever Published - One-paragraph Excerpts - 1/28/07

Los Angeles Times: Iraq War All About Oil - 12/30/06

Major Media Reports on Serious Problems with Elections Process - 10/24/06

9/11: Concise List of Verifiable Major Media Statements Reveals Major Cover-up - 9/6/06

***Book by Top U.S. General Exposes War Agenda Based on Corporate Greed - 7/30/06

Award-winning Documentary on Breakthrough Energy Inventions (view free) - 6/30/06

Riveting UFO Footage and Top Military Witnesses on Free Sci-Fi Channel Documentary - 6/2/06

Top Journalists Prevented From Reporting Major News Stories - 5/7/06

***A Most Powerful, Free Documentary on 9/11 Invites Us to Transform Our Fears - 4/7/06

Association of Influential Scholars Challenges 9/11 Commission Report - Miami Herald - 2/23/06

Top 10 Censored News Stories of 2005 Published by University Research Team - 1/27/06

Seven Verifiable Facts May Change Our World and Lead to a Brighter Future - 12/17/05

***Affecting Your Health: Renowned MD Exposes Major Drug Company Cover-up - 11/6/05

Hurricanes: Major Media Articles Reveal Pattern of Cover-up, Corruption - 9/27/05

***Top Politicians, Economists, Other Leaders State 9/11 Possibly an Inside Job - 9/8/05

Solar Energy Nanotechnology Can Replace Fossil Fuels - San Francisco Chronicle - 8/18/05

Cancer Cure Reported on Top Australian News Program - 7/29/05

***1908 Ford Model T: 25 MPG, 2004 EPA Average All Cars: 21 MPG - Detroit News - 7/11/05

Cold Fusion Using Crystals Verified in Christian Science Monitor - 6/23/05

9/11 News Summary: Major Breakthroughs in the Media on the 9/11 Cover-up - 6/5/05

School Diet Change Brings Remarkable Behavior Improvement & Hilarious Video Clip - 5/20/05

Breakthrough! 9/11 Cover-up on C-SPAN 2 with Prof. David Ray Griffin - 5/4/05

Revealing Major Cover-ups & Working Together for the Good of All – 4/2/05

***CBS Reports Pentagon Cannot Account for $2.3 Trillion – 3/19/05

Navy's Use of New Sonar Suspected in Mass Killings of Whales - Washington Post - 2/19/05

Washington Post on Website Founder Fred Burks' Resignation from State Dept. – 12/30/04

Bill Moyers: Millions Welcome Environmental Destruction for Religious Reasons – 12/17/04

***How We Can Build a Better Future Together – 12/4/04

***Top Unreported Stories of 2004 - Project Censored – 11/21/04

Electronic Ballots – Major Media Report Major Problems - 11/6/04

ABC Reports US Military Chiefs Approved Terror Acts on US Soil – 10/6/04

US Military Spending Nearly Ten Times Amount Spent by Second Highest Country – 7/16/04

***Leading Journalists Expose Major News Cover-ups by Media Corporations – 6/30/04

Free Speech Rights Eroded: A Sobering Example – 6/1/04

Top Unreported Stories of 2003 - Project Censored – 4/28/04

9/11 Commission Must Address These Easily Verifiable Facts from Major Media – 3/30/04

Three Amazing Books – 3/23/04

Granny D's Day in Court – 3/11/04

The Energy Crisis - Little Known Facts Make a Big Difference –12/3/03

9/11 Cover-up Makes Headline News in England! – 9/10/03

***The Iraq War Editorial That Disappeared: Where are the WMDs? – 6/13/03

We Should Never Have Survived! Whatever Happened to Fearlessness? – BBC – 5/24/03

If you are interested in more eye-opening information along these lines, we invite you to explore This empowering website focuses on revealing major cover-ups and working together for the good of all. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the above educational stories and the short, inspiring stories about life and love. May we all open to ever more education and inspiration in all aspects of our lives and world. Take care and may love always light your way.

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